Monday, March 9, 2009

sunday wrap up

Yesterdays Craft On! was at Inversion Coffee Shop, our first attempt at meeting in a public space. There were 9 ladies total, including myself which proved to be the perfect number for a crowded coffee shop. Everyone worked on different embroidery projects as Holly led us in discussion. There were some really great insights along with lots of laughter. Some of the questions such as "What do you consider your best feature?" and  "Do you have any nicknames and do you like them?" certainly had some great answers! 

Sarah, Brooke, Anne, Jenny (in the stripes!) and Holly

Sara and Lynn stitching away
Sara, Lynn, Sarah, Brooke, Anne, Jenny, Holly

Patty working on her first ever embroidery project! (it turned out really nice!)

Next month we will be meeting at Lynn's house, If you would like to join us, please e-mail me at for directions!

As always, everyone is welcome! 

Next meeting: April 12th, 2008
Time: 5pm-7pm

Details coming soon!

create. reflect. give back.
Church of Craft Houston

Saturday, March 7, 2009

sunday! march 8th...

OK y'all, its that time again! This months Church of Craft meeting is this Sunday. We are meeting in a public space, so be sure to being a project that you can do in a coffee shop! We also invite you to join in on our featured project: Embroidered Self Portraits. We will have some supplies on hand (needles, floss, fabric, scissors) but feel free to bring your own.

create. reflect. give back.

Church of Craft Houston

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

craft on!


Its that time again, second Sunday of the month! We are excited to be having a slightly less structured meeting this time around. We are ready to just sit, craft and enjoy some lovely conversation! 

We are focusing on our knitting skills this month! We will have patterns, books, and some yard on hand, but feel free to bring your own. We would also love some tips and techniques, so if you can share those, that would be great too! 

The amazing Jenny will be hosting the meeting at her house, so if you can come (and we want you to come!), please e-mail me for directions: churchofcrafthouston [at] As usual the meeting will be formm 5pm-7pm, and snacks are welcome but not necessary. 

See you soon!

create. reflect. give back.
-Church of Craft Houston

Saturday, January 10, 2009

come all ye crafters...


Its that time again... 2nd meeting of the Church of Craft. This month we will be working on making Snuggles! What is a Snuggle you ask? It is a blanket made especially for animals in shelters. It gives them a little comfort and warmth. We are very proud this month to be working with Brooke of Friends for Life. All of the blankets made will be donated locally!

Possible Donations this month:
-fabric scraps
-flannel (for the inner layer, keeps pets warm!)

Read more about the project here:

Have a project that you are working on? Bring that too! Meet other people that love to make things too.

We will be bringing snacks to share, so if you have a favorite recipe you are welcome to bring it along.

And if you just want to come hang out, thats OK too!

See you soon!

create. reflect. give back.
-Church of Craft Houston

Monday, December 8, 2008

the kick off

Last night we had our first Craft On. I was so proud of the ladies for making as many caps as we did. (final count coming soon!) We also had the opportunity for connection, sharing and lots of laughs. This is the beginning of a lot of new friendships and crafty hours. 

(left to right) Holly, our Flock Leader. Jenny our Workshop Leader. Renee, Heights mom and craft enthusiast. Melissa, Craft Leader. Sarah, Sew Crafty owner. Brooke, founder of Its Cool to Care. 

There were SO many tasty things to eat! 

Thank you for all who participated! And a special thank-you to Sarah, for inviting us into her studio

Next Meeting: Sunday January 11th
*details to come!

create. reflect. give back.
-Church of Craft Houston

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1st ever Houston Craft On!

We are so very excited to provide you with the details for Church of Craft Houston's first ever Craft On and Workshop! 

We will be meeting the 1st Sunday of every month. This month we will meet on December 7th, at 6:00pm. Each month we will be meeting at a different location. This months super special crafty location is Sew Crafty, in the Heights. Sarah, owner and craft extraordinaire, has very warmly invited us to use the studio. 

Crafting for a Cause Workshop: Caps to Cap Haiti
Tutorial by Jenny
Bring: T-shirts to turn into caps. 
Donations: thread

Tutorial by Melissa
Bring: felt, embroidery floss, needle, embellishments.
*Kits are also available with all supplies included for a $2 donation. 

Please feel free to bring food & drink to share (casual potluck style encouraged, but definitely not required!).

We also encourage you to bring your own projects to work on! Have holiday projects and presents to work? Now is the time to finish them up. Come meet other crafters, artists, musicians, community leaders, photographers and neighbors. 

Remember that ALL are welcome, so bring friends!

If you have any questions email me at churchofcrafthouston [at]

See you soon!

create. reflect. give back.
-Church of Craft Houston


kits are ready!

This months Craft On project will be:

 "12 days of Christmas Mini Felt Advent Calendars"

Yes, thats a mouth full, but they are quite nice. Kits include: 12 felt pockets, 1 felt background (different shapes), embroidery floss in 2 colors and a needle. Please feel free to bring embellishments: buttons, extra felt colors, faux flowers, beads, baubles. 

Hang from a fireplace, on a door or in the hallway. Don't forget to fill the pockets with treats, sweet notes and anything else tiny and amazing. 

*Note: Remember to start enjoying your calendar on Dec 14th. Your last surprise will be on the 25th!

Kits are available for a $2 donation. All are welcome to bring their own supplies, tutorials and embroidery lessons are FREE! 

create. reflect. give back.
-Church of Craft Houston